A Can Of Fish

VAT2019 N 203
SynopsisAs fisheries becomes more and more lucrative, the industry has been monopolized by large-scale factory ships. These not only encroach upon the fishing grounds of traditional/small fisheries, but also use technology to grab enormous hauls, practice offseason fishing, as well as discard tremendous quantities of ‘bycatch’ back into the sea as waste. On the other hand, are the shore-seine fishermen of this story who use their bare hands to work the rope, relying not on technology but on human judgment and capacity. The shore-seine fisherman stands in sharp contrast with his counterpart, the Eater, who represents urban food consumption and its grim descent into a zone where food is entertainment for the bored and lonely urban human.
Aditi Chitre
Original Language
Delhi, India
Director Bio
Aditi Chitre is an animation filmmaker currently based in Delhi. An alumna of the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, she has been exploring the animation medium As a painter and animator she also thoroughly enjoys interacting with young people through the art and animation workshops that she has been conducting in her hometown and elsewhere.

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