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SynopsisSikkim is a small part in Indian Himalayas that infuses great diversity with a rich ecological hotspot zone. Amongst the mammals of Sikkim are the rare Himalayan Black Bear, Blue Sheep, Red panda, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer and Yaks. The Yak is an important multipurpose mammal of the alpine Northern and Eastern Sikkim region. The traditional knowledge of Bhutia community living in the high altitude has been passed on from generation to generation but has no written document. This film is about the travel of the Director and his crew to Sikkim and their meeting with the Yak herders. The video is a personal narrative of their journey, their learning and what they experienced from within.
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Sikkim, India
Director Bio
"Dawa Tsangpo Bhutia is the third batch of Green Hub Fellowship Programme (2017-18) from Tatangchen, Gangtok, Sikkim. Dawa belongs to the herder’s family living in the western Khanchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. He is keen about exploring nature based rural centric tourism market and help mountain livelihood in the long run. He has worked with Hind Kisan Web Channel. He envisions making films in his own place documenting the rich biodiversity of his area, which also is one of the remote areas in Sikkim. Thanngminlal Misao is from the third batch of Green Hub Fellowship Programme (2017-18) from Thangkanphai Village, Saikul, Senapati, Manipur. Thangminlal Misao is a village guy where before joining the fellowship he used to work in the fields for cultivation and also holds a very keen interest for painting and photography. He is at present working as a freelance photographer and edits video.

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