VAT2019 I 043
SynopsisThe Python is a fascinating animal. But the fashion industry is hunting for these beautiful snakes. Its skin is coveted for luxury goods of all kinds. Hundreds of thousands of snakes are killed annually in Asia and shipped to the fashion industry in Europe, America, Japan and China. A German-South African scientist now has an idea to control especially the illegal snake trade. An extremely exciting documentary, filmed under difficult conditions, which also documents the lives of the catchers and shows the illegal trade routes. A closer look at the snake skin industry - as it has never been shown.
Andreas Ewels
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Director Bio
Andreas Ewels is a director and author born 1969 in the German town of Muenster. 25 years ago he started filmmaking and until today he is traveling and filming all around the globe. Since 2001 he works for the ZDF, a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz. Until today he filmed over 200 long documentaries in over 100 countries. Most of his films deal with wildlife, wonderful countries, people and nature. For his work, he has received numerous international awards and honors. Director Statement "Earth is the only place we can call home and we must treat her with maximum respect."

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