An uncertain winter

VAT2019 N 204
SynopsisEverything about life in Spiti revolves around basic survival and optimal utilization of land in a place where the elements are against habitation. Winter temperatures dip to -30 degrees. The stoic women endure the winter as the valley takes everything away from them. In the valleys of Kibber village, 4300m above sea, we follow the life of Langzom. She lives in one of the most inhospitable conditions in the world and faces many problems even in accessing basic facilities we take for granted. The film is an ode to life in the frozen desert, and the resilience of the women who call it home.
Original Language
Karnataka, India
Director Bio
Munmun Dhalaria is an independent documentary filmmaker interested in wildlife conservation, gender, human rights and livelihoods. Her deep fascination with wildlife biology started at a young age during her time in the US as a foreign exchange student, where she studied the behavior of eastern coyotes in urban Massachusetts. Upon returning to India, she realized the complexity of human-wildlife interactions in a country with over a billion people fighting for daily sustenance that also must coexist with mega fauna. After completing her masters in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), she has combined her passion for wildlife and human-interest stories by focusing on the issues of people living close to wild spaces.

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