Plasticized Paradise

VAT2019 N 169
SynopsisPlastics have transformed every aspect of our lives. Yet the very properties that make them attractive—they are cheap to make, light, and durable—spell disaster when trash makes its way into the environment. Plastic pollution is one of the most damaging environmental issues that we face today. How do we solve this problem now and for the future? According to some estimates, if we continue on our current path, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050. This film showcases how plastic waste can be used to make bricks that can help in the construction of rigid structures.
Aryan Mediratta, Shreya Kansal, Sonakshi Kathuria, Harsh Mittal
Original Language
Delhi, India
Director Bio
Aryan Mediratta is a high-school student interested in Computer Science. He enjoys Filmmaking (editing and cinematography), Programming, Robotics, and currently heads the school’s computing club. Shreya Kansal is a high-school student who enjoys editing, art and craft, reading and writing. She has participated in a lot of co-curricular activities and won awards as well. Harsh Mittal is a high-school student who enjoys Graphic Design, Web Development and Video Editing. He has participated in several tech events and film festivals. Sonakshi Kathuria is a high school student who likes to read, write and act. She also likes to host events to make people aware about social changes.

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