The Seed

VAT2019 I 227
SynopsisA small-town, Texas corn farmer named Buck Conner is visited two people asking him about his seeds. They represnt 'LeFay International' - a multi-national GMO seed corporation. The next morning, Buck meets with his neighbor Bobby Biggs who’s crop is not doing well, ostensibly because of GMO. When Buck returns home, he gets a phone call from Ed Hollister who owns the silo where Buck stores his harvest. It turns out, LeFay has placed a lien on his crop, his land, and all his equipment due to assumed patent infringement and piracy. LeFay offers Buck a deal to sign a five year pilot program. Later Buck discovers it was Bobby who offered up his name as a non-licensed GMO farmer.
Charles Wiedman
Original Language
Director Bio
Charles Wiedman has lived and worked professionally as an actor, producer, writer, and director in both Los Angeles, and Austin, TX where he’s currently based. He won two Telly Awards, and an Aegis Award for “The Buckleteers!”. His short film “32 Governor’s Hill” won at BloodShots Horror Filmmakers Competition. In addition to a string of short films and commercials under his banner RuffHouse Studios, Charles wrote, produced, and directed “The Sinner” which was released in 2012. As an actor, his credits include: “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”, “The Leftovers” (HBO), and two seasons of Queen of the South” (USA) as dirty “Denny Villalobos”.

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