VAT2019 I 165
SynopsisEvery couple of years, Ram Nath leaves his fields and buffaloes to play the part of human sacrifice in a hitherto undocumented mysterious ritual of purification in the Himalayan Valley of Kullu, North India. During the ritual, Ram Nath transforms from a highland peasant into the master of ceremonies, a powerful redeemer who cuts holes (chidra) in the fabric of society, collecting sins into a cosmic trap that only he can operate. Chidra follows Ram Nath through the ritual, revealing how men, gods, and mediums handle the dangerous substance of actions (karma) at the frontier of the Hindu cultural sphere.
Nadav Harel
Original Language
English and Hindi
Director Bio
Nadav Harel is an award winning documentary filmmaker, editor, writer, producer, cinematographer, and director. He is based in Tel Aviv where he founded the production house Noprocess films. His films specialize in wildlife, philosophy, medicine, hunting and Hinduism. Nadav's work educates and inspires audiences around the world about controversial subjects related to culture, science and nature. His work has been screened in prestigious venues such as BBC World, The Museum of Natural History in New York, Harvard Medical School, Berlinale, MOMA, and many more.

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