Neeli Raag (True Blue)

VAT2019 N 134
SynopsisThe synthetic dye industry is one of the most polluting! It can blacken the river, poison the earth and harm the skin. There is now a global search for natural dyes, but where are they? Neeli Raag (True Blue) tells the story of Indigo, one of the oldest and most precious natural dyes, that was lost to the events and process of history. The stubborn dreamers who kept it alive through the years of oblivion feel vindicated, and yet crafting indigo requires body-knowledge and commitment that seems to belong to another time.
Swati Dandekar
Original Language
Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, English
Karnataka, India
Director Bio
Swati Dandekar is a documentary filmmaker with a special interest in creating visual narratives of the living history around her-of people, places, ideas, traditions and practices. Her recent work includes a series of essay films that explore the relationship between land, people, resources and the institutions that govern them. Her previous work included radio and video programs for school children. As part of Vikalp Bengaluru, Swati has been involved in screening documentary films in Bengaluru city for over 10 years.

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