VAT2019 N 081
SynopsisYousuf and his 24 member labor force team, were quite busy in harvesting the red apples from the golden turned apple tree’s with much ease, with uniform pace and speed from mid October and were targeting to complete the harvesting job by mid November. But there was something harsher and unbelievable in store, in a few hours time, everything crashed so fast and unpredicted that there’s hardly anything left to fallback. All the apple crop was either caught naked, hanging with fallen tree branches coated in white snow and withering in freezing cold or the rest had fallen under one and half feet snow layer as a collateral damage, debris. Ghulam Nabi Baba (75 year old grandfather) of Weyun Khrew belt, a veteran of Saffron cultivation in the area, commands lot of respect, goodwill, name and fame for his novel methods of growing quality and quantity Saffron. Every one from the area is impressed and inspired by his share grit and determination since 40 years back when he decided to grow the Saffron instead of rice and maize in the same fields. He took the chance and plunged into the new farming then results were astoundingly progressive, encouraging and comprehensive with great economic upsurge and prosperity. Saffron brought the fortunes and the riches changed the lives. Everyone from the village imitated his success and started developing in leaps and bounds. Besides economic uplift, education and modern facilities became the order of the day, moderate homes turned into mentions and farmlands turned into goldmines forever. However, in a single night between 2nd and 3rd November 2018, everything changed, today after 45 years of good times both the farmers are under threat from climate change and erratic weather caused the untimely snowfall, droughts, lack of required rains, hence changed the course of farming, fortunes and now the lives. Living crossroads. JALAL UD DIN BABA Guerrilla Green Filmmaker/Activist/Science Communicator/Writer
Jalal Ud Din Baba
Original Language
English and Hindi
Jammu & Kashmir
Director Bio
JALAL UD DIN BABA Guerrilla Green Filmmaker/Activist/Science Communicator/Writer Jalal comes from a humble village background. He uses green filmmaking as an expression of green activism. He has a flair for storytelling, film treatment and narrative. He is an empanelled science communicator and resource person with Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, GOI. He is a guest faculty and trainer at media departments, schools, colleges and universities across the country. Conducting science and green filmmaking workshops, lectures, hands on training and screenings; Mass Communication Research Center (MCRC) Jamia Millia Islmia, Central University, New Delhi, National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) Hyderabad, Central Drug Research Institute (SCIR-CDRI) Luckow, UP. Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Makhan Lal Chaturvedi Uniniversity of Mass Communication & Journalism (MC), Bhopal (MP), Guwahati Central University, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, Sharda University, Noida, EMMRC Srinagar, Kashmir University, Central University of Kashmir, (IUST) Kashmir, CMS Vatavaran, New Delhi, CMS Montessori, Luckow, CSIR, NSFFI & IISFF, CEC-UGC (Prakriti), New Delhi, Water Take-1, California USA, We Art Water Madrid, Spain. Jalal has won more than 19 national and international awards from back home India, USA, China, Australia, France, Spain and Bangladesh, besides official acknowledgements, nominations and citations across the country. FILM AWARDS Palmdale Vision Best Science Film Award, Ventura, California USA 2017 by Water Take 1 on 22 March UN World Water Day celebrations USA. 2nd Best Film Award Worldwide on Climate Change (Global Warning-Kashmir Chapter) at Shenzhen, China (Handle Clime Change Film festival) China. National Award, Best Documentary Film SAVING THE SAVIOUR by Vigyan Prasar, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, 6TH NSFF 2016, Mumbai. Award Best Director Documentary Film SAVING THE SAVIOUR by Vigyan Prasar, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, 6TH NSFF 2016, Mumbai Best Science Film Award 2nd IISFF, CSIR, Science & Technology Department, Earth Sciences, NPL, GOI, 2016, New Delhi Best Science Film Award 7th NSFF, Kolkata, 2017 by Vigyan Prasar, Science & Technology Department, Earth Sciences, New Delhi. Best documentary film award for Saving The Saviour at CMS Vatavaran 2017 Best of festival documentary film award for Saving The Saviour at CMS Vatavaran 2017 Best documentary film award for Global Warning Kashmir Chapter at CMS Vatavaran 2017 Best documentary film award for Saving The Saviour at KVIFF Pune, Maharashtra Best science documentary film award #TullaDozingTheBull@Zojila, India International Science Film Festival, Chennai by Department of Science and Technology. Best Film (National Films) Mind Mightier Than Might @Woodpecker International Film Festival 2018 New Delhi

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