VAT2019 N 174
SynopsisKitti master, a retired schoolteacher, is a popular person in the quaint little village of Gudekote in Karnataka. Located just 50 km from the bustling city of Bellary, it gets its name from the fort on top of the hill. In this short film, Kitti master takes a bunch of local kids through the history and natural history of his homeland - a village once steeped in man-animal conflict. However, when a bunch of villagers, NGOs and officials put their minds together, they were able to help mitigate this problem.
Raghunath Belur, S. Gadadhar
Original Language
Karnataka, India
Director Bio
Raghunath (Rana) Belur and Sugandhi Gadadhar are wildlife filmmakers, keen naturalists, and immensely passionate about nature and in the efforts to conserve it. They have been involved in making videos/films related to wildlife, nature, conservation and waste management for the last six years. They have authored articles in scientific journals and have worked with international nature-based channels, Forest Departments and environmental NGOs. Their works include wildlife/conservation films, books and photo assignments. They collaborate with biologists, conservationists and green volunteers to help them spread awareness about various threats and issues.

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