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SynopsisKotibanal is a Documentary about traditional architecture in Himalayan Region. The whole Himalayan region is very sensitive to seismic activities. In some areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, there has been a tradition of Earthquake-Resistant Architecture. These houses are made of wooden and stone and some are also of four and five floors. This style of building is known as the Kotibanal Architecture. Many earthquakes have occurred in the past in Himalayan Region. Some severe earthquakes have caused a catastrophe in this area. Despite the frequent earthquakes, the buildings of Kotibanal style remained safe.
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Uttarakhand, India
Director Bio
Shriniwas Oli has been associated with science education since last five years and deeply understands the importance and need of spreading awareness and interest in science across the rural areas. After studying from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, he worked with newspapers and channels for more than a decade. Currently he is working as a science teacher in Uttarakhand. He is also involved in the creation of noncommercial educational films and documentary. In addition to the ""Kotibanal"" documentary, he has also produced and directed two documentaries on conservation and management of water resources in the Himalayan region.

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