On the Roof

VAT2019 I 337
SynopsisIn 2017, Marie Dupont came across a lady in Williamsburg who told her about her husband’s hobby, which happened to be pigeon flying. Marie had never heard of such a thing, and she was immediately drawn to the story. She then discovered the long-standing, global history of pigeon flying - and the fragility of its current status. She was touched by the stories the pigeon flyers told, and by the passion in their voices when describing what the birds meant to them. The more she learnt, the more she understood that this story could best be told visually. This is the story of the Old-school pigeon flyer Frank, who spends every day up on a roof in Brooklyn finding company. But guys like Frank also face a changing city that seems to care less and less for a long-standing tradition.
Marie Dupont
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Director Bio
Marie Dupont grew up in Copenhagen and studied film and literature theory in London, where she graduated with First Class Honors. After graduating, Marie collaborated with British and Brazilian filmmakers as a production assistant, editor and translator. She then moved to New York in order to pursue her passion for documentary filmmaking at NYU, where she graduated in 2018. It was at New York, that she perfected her skills in audio-visual and written story telling, filming, editing, interviewing, researching and pitching stories.

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