Green Gold on Fire (Forest Fires)

VAT2019 N 053
SynopsisThere has been a significant increase in the incidents of forest fire and the damage caused due to these incidents has also increased manifold. After deforestation, forest fire is the most significant cause of immense harm to forests. A single uncontrolled fire can ruin a forest and finish the work of generations of foresters. Unfortunately 95% of forest fires are caused by man (either intentionally or unintentionally). In India about 64% forest area is vulnerable to fires and around 50% Green house gas emissions are due to forest fires alone. As fire is one of the most destructive agencies of damage to forests, preventive and remedial methods of fire protection need to be carefully devised and executed.
Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat
Original Language
Kashmiri, English
Jammu & Kashmir, India
Director Bio
Abdul Rashid Bhat is an Engineering Graduate and also Microsoft Certified Professional, working in Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC), University of Kashmir since 2005. He has Produced 5 Documentaries, 106 e-Content Modules, 860 Learning object Repositories (LOR’s) & 125 Educational Television programs for Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), New Delhi. Besides this he is working on the production of more Documentaries in the field of Environment & Health sector & also on other e-Contents, ETV & LOR’s.

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