Gyamo - Queen of the Mountains

VAT2019 N 178
SynopsisSnow leopards are rare and very difficult to film. They’ve evolved to live and survive in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Gyamo - the female snow leopard and her 2 cubs haven’t been seen since the big male snow leopard appeared. The father son wildlife filmmaker duo Mike and Gautam return to the same mountain to pick up their trail and find the cubs. Exploring this amazing landscape they discover there are many challenges that surround the endangered cat.
Doel Trivedy and Gautam Pandey
Original Language
Delhi, India
Director Bio
Doel Trivedy wears many hats at Riverbank Studios. She is a Writer-Director-Producer and believes that stories can change perspectives. Doel studied film in Canada and started her career working with Discovery Channel. She has also produced and directed several episodes of the TV series ‘Earth Matters’ which is India’s longest running environmental series on National TV. Gautam Pandey is a National Award winner, and is one of India’s accomplished wildlife filmmakers. Gautam studied film in Canada and has won several national and international awards for his films. Born into a family of nature-enthusiasts, Gautam’s passion for filmmaking started at an early age and he is now focused in using films as a medium to bring about awareness about wildlife and document unique animal behavior in the wild.

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