Queen without land

VAT2019 I 144
SynopsisThis is the true story of the meeting between Frost, a beautiful polar bear mother, and Asgeir Helgestad, the filmmaker. Rising temperatures are responsible for dramatic changes in Frost's ecosystem as the ice is melting at record speed. From complete darkness to the absolute light of the midnight sun, Svalbard transforms from a cold and inhospitable place to the most joyous and lively scene for ice algae, fish, birds and animals. Fjords that were once full of ice and seals get abandoned pushing Frost further away. This film explores the question ""this planet is home to all of us, can we afford to ignore it?""
Asgeir Helgestad
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Director Bio
Asgeir Helgestad is a wildlife producer, director and cameraman from Norway. His passion for capturing the perfect image and love for his subjects shine through his work. How we treat this beautiful planet is always part of his films. Growing up in the countryside of Norway, it is not surprising that its nature has become a major arena for his work, where the Arctic has grabbed his heart with its vast landscapes, beautiful light and majestic animals. His still photography and films have won him several international awards including prizes at the biggest wildlife film and photo competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Wildscreen Film Festival.

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