On the Brink - Great Indian Bustard

VAT2019 N 138
SynopsisOn the Brink is an unprecedented portrait of India’s natural world, exploring species and habitats rarely seen on Indian television. There are less than 150 Great Indian Bustards left in the world. And from the look of it, this species could go extinct within our lifetime. Malaika Vaz explores the desert habitat with wildlife biologist, Dr. Suthirtha Dutta, in the hope that they can focus attention on the urgent need to step up conservation efforts to save the Great Indian Bustard.
Akanksha Sood Singh
Original Language
Uttar Pradesh, India
Director Bio
With over 17 years of work experience that covers the range and breadth of film production, Akanksha has developed and honed her skills, often in extremely high pressure – high demand settings which range from the jungles to tent pole feature films, crafting scripts to negotiating complex acquisition & co-productions and now to producing and directing her own films. Akanksha’s films have seen first broadcast on networks like BBC, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, ZDF, Discovery, Animal Planet, PBS US, NDR Nature Films, Public Television Taiwan, Arte, France 5, Channel 4, Smithsonian Channel, and NHK. Akanksha has won three National Film Awards given by the President of India, a Wildscreen (Green Oscar) Nomination, a UN Film Award, a Nomination at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and recently, the World’s Emerging Documentarian Award.

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