The Art of Change - Climate Change

VAT2019 I 173
SynopsisThis film offers new perspectives on how social and political institutions can respond more effectively to climate change by presenting a concept of moral responsibility that assesses each human being living in the society. The film puts to use a kind of alternative reality to approach the moral dilemmas around climate change and man’s role in it. We witness an alternative reality scenario where a group of animals has become organized and are committed to make themselves heard by humans, guerrilla style. It is a surrealist take on human responsibility over climate change and on our inescapable connection with nature.
Maria Alvarez and Elisa Morais
Original Language
Director Bio
María Álvarez and Elisa Morais have together formed a collective called - Sois de Traca. Their projects revolve around moving image with a special focus on animation. Influenced by surrealism and absurdist notions, the effort is to capture daily inconsistencies, glimpses of human nature and oneiric landscapes. Their work intends to obsess around the daily life rituals of food, social conventions, death and old traditions in a contemporary context.

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