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SynopsisScarcity of water is the greatest calamity that the world is going to face. Probably, the next war would be fought for water. To a great extent, we ourselves are responsible for this situation. We spoiled the rhythm of nature by cutting down trees and polluting the environment. As a result, often, we are facing calamities like cyclones, tsunamis and landslides. The story talks about the Ramasseri village in Palakkad. Here, people struggle to get drinking water. The only support for them is the drinking water tanks that arrive there once in a while. But most of the time the water in the tank is insufficient for everyone to have
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Kerala, India
Director Bio
Sreevallabhan hails from Trivandrum. He has been actively involved in film making in the malayalam film industry since 1995. Sreevallabhan his career in films through his debut documentary film on the well known Malayalam film actor Mammootty. After that he was involved in the making of several Malayalam and Tamil films as associate director. Throughout this period he was also active in making short biographical documentaries on well-known personalities. In 2004, he scripted and directed the much acclaimed film ‘Syamam’ which depicted the tragic state of affairs of AIDS patients.

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