VAT2019 I 290
SynopsisThe film is about a wildlife documentarian accompanied by a biologist and forest renegers who are trying to estimate the real number of Cheetahs in Iran. They divide the 10 habitats of cheetahs into 2 major territories and commence their quest by planting trap cameras in sensitive and most cheetah populated areas. Since the number of Asiatic cheetahs is much lesser compared to its African type, observing these cheetahs in the flesh in nature and documenting it, is nearly impossible. Fathollah Amiri as an experienced wildlife documentarian, being helped by a cheetah researcher Dr. Bagher Nezami will represent you with images that are being seen for the very first time in human history and probably also the last.
Fathollah Amiri
Original Language
Tehran, IRAN
Director Bio
Producer and director of Ranger and Leopard, Fathollah Amiri was born in Iran, in 1981. He received an M.A. in Broadcasting Production from IRIB’s University. Amiri is a member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association and the Iranian Documentary Producers Association. His film’s include: Sunset of Khojir (2007), Life in Eclipse (2009), In Search for the Persian Leopard (2012), Life in Desert (2013), ?Iran Reptiles Series (2013), Alamto, a Reptile Wonderland (2014), Tanhavash (2016), and In the Realm of the Spider-tailed Viper (2017).

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