The Grind Message

VAT2019 I 134
SynopsisThe Grind Message deals with the hunting of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands. It’s a tradition which has been practiced for at least half a millennium. Up until the second half of the 20th century the hunts of pilot whales have been a vital part in the survival of the Faroese people. Today it is source of up to one-third of the nation’s meat consumption. However the long-lasting tradition is subject to criticism. The Grind Message – follows the arguments of six locals on the matter. It deals with some pressing issues about pollution, animal ethics, and sustainability, but also touches deeper (philosophical and ethnographical) questions about cultural heritage, human & national identity and the different ways we perceive the world and the creatures and resources in it.
Niels Christian Askholm
Original Language
Danish, Faroese, English
Director Bio
Niels Christian Askholm, 28, is an ambitious and committed videographer with a master’s degree in Philosophy and Film & Media. He has worked with video in independent business for a few years. Niels is passionate about telling a good story in an aesthetic way through high quality visual communication He currently lives in Aarhus, Denmark and works as a videographer and a documentary film maker.

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